Strongman Contestants 2017

Jon Cron        210lbs        6’0        28 yrs

This is Jon’s tenth year competing at the Strongman Classic! Jon hopes to retire in five years and focus more on his hobby, photography! Limited edition prints are available upon request!


Will Murray    150lbs        5′ 10″        24 yrs

Will is an aspiring architect and strongman enthusiast! He’s proof big things come in small packages!


Alex Fry    270lbs        6′ 3″        30 yrs

Alex is a former swimmer from Trail B.C. and is now a Strongman/Powerlifter from Calgary!

From Calgary

Declan Patton     225lbs        6′ 1″        32 yrs
Originally from Australia, Dec is a research doctor with a background in rugby. After spending the last year working and training in Norway, he is looking to give the podium a nudge at the Strongman Classic!

From Calgary

    Josh Cloherty     268lbs        5′ 11″        31 yrs

Josh is a welder for the City of Calgary! He has been training for Strongman for two years, with his best finish being second place at the King of the Valley. His favourite event is overhead pressing with his best lift being a 300 pound push press and a 295 pound axle press. He has also deadlifted over 600 pounds!

From Calgary

Jesse Roest     185 lbs.        5′ 10″        26 yrs

Jesse was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario and is now a secondary Phys. Ed. Teacher at Bearspaw Christian School in NW Calgary. He has been lifting weights and training Strongman for three years and loving it! Jesse has started a strength club at the school, which continues to grow every year! He is married to a wonderfully supportive wife and together they have a one year old daughter, Sawyer, who can clean and press .02 lbs. for reps!!

From Calgary

Brenden Eberle     172 lbs.        5′ 8″        25 yrs

Brenden wishes all of the athlete’s good luck today!

From Wainwright

Ben Collins     245 lbs.        6′ 4″        27 yrs.

Ben is from Calgary, Alberta and has been competing in Strongman for one year. His best finishes to date are third place at the 2016 Spruce Grove Strongest Man and second at the Canada Grip Sport Spring Clench Grip Competition. His favorite events are the farmer’s walk, Hercules hold and stones. Outside of the weight room Ben enjoys hunting, hiking, gardening and cooking.

From Calgary

Colby Henderson     230 lbs.        6′ 2″        22 yrs.

This is Colby’s third time doing the Cranbrook Strongman Classic. He is going for the win this year!!!!

From Cranbrook

Nick McMorrow     360 lbs.        6′ 8″        34 yrs.

Nick is a full time student. This is his third year doing the Strongman Classic. He loves this show and the crowd that supports it!!!!

From Calgary

Levi Bailey     252 lbs.        6′ 2″        32 yrs.

Being born and raised in Cranbrook Levi is an active member in the fitness community, with this being his second Strongman Competition. He has 20 years lifting and training experience and is now drawing on that knowledge to obtain his personal training certification. Lifting is a way of life and life is simple. Live and lift.

From Cranbrook

Anthony Speranza     200 lbs.        5′ 11″    25 yrs.

Anthony grew up in Calgary and went to university in Lethbridge where he met some good friends, Andrew Fitzgerald and James Loach. The two of them got him interested in powerlifting which he did for about 2 years. He then travelled Australia for a year. Once he got back from Australia James told him he had to try an amateur strongman competition and then started helping him train for it. He has now done three amateur competitions and plans to continue to do more! He also work as a youth and family counsellor for Woods Homes in Calgary.

From Calgary

Kelly Risdon His Weight? “I don’t weigh enough”
His height “I am an average height! “. His age? “I am getting old”.

Kelly would like to wish everyone good luck today!

From Calgary

Grant Ferguson      285 lbs.     5′ 11″        37 yrs.

This is Grant’s second Strongman show. He has been away for a few years but he is back to compete!

From Calgary

Ryan Chicoine      272 lbs.     6′ 2″        29yrs.

Ryan would like to wish all the other competitors good luck today! And could he please have two scoops of protein in his shake please!

From Cranbrook

Keith Rathwell      245 lbs.     5′ 11″        49 yrs.

Keith has been lifting for 31 years and doing Strongman for the past 13 years! This is his tenth year doing the Strongman Classic! His favourite event is the log press!

From Delacour

Amy Boyd      145 lbs.     5′ 5″        26 yrs.

Amy has been competing in Crossfit for about 5 years and has been a coach for 2 years at Crossfit Framework in Lethbridge. She’s been wanting to get into Strongman and the Strongman Classic really caught her eye. She is super excited to be in Cranbrook!!

From Lethbridge

Melanie Guppy      195 lbs.     5′ 3″        45 yrs.

Forty five seems like a great time to sign up for your first ever strength competition right? In a couple of years she has gone from a couch potato to a weight lifting nut. She truly loves anything that gives her the opportunity to show that age and gender shouldn’t stop you from trying to achieve your goals. She trains out of Endeavor Fitness in Invermere and has been a valley resident for 26 years!

From Canal Flats

Ashley Nelligan      135 lbs.     5′ 2″        25 yrs.

Ashley has been training for 9 years and loves having a challenge and reaching her goals. Strongman is a perfect fit for her for these reasons. She couldn’t have gotten to where she is in the gym without her boyfriend pushing her on a daily basis, helping her achieve personal records in the gym.

From Cranbrook

Audrey Petterson      225 lbs.     5′ 6″        47 yrs.

Audrey is an amateur Strongman and Powerlifter from Calgary. She wishes everyone good luck today!

From Calgary

Alanna Gibson None Ya Business lbs. 5′ 7″     Her age? Also None Ya Business!

Alanna googled her bio and nothing came up! She is super excited for her first Strongman show…….who is she kidding it scares the crap out of her!!!! So she decided to wing it! It’s about facing fears and feeling empowered. She would like to wish everyone good luck today!

From Cranbrook

Robyn Koolen      163 lbs.     5′ 6″        33 yrs.

Robyn is fairly new to strength sports having just competed in her first powerlifting meet in November 2016 and her first Strongman show in May.

From Calgary

Amanda Ferrier who says “I weigh enough” lbs.     5′ 6″        36 yrs.

Amanda lives here in Cranbrook and works at Fitness Inc. She has two amazing kids that drive her to continually be the best she can be! Or they may drive her nuts sometimes!! She wishes all the athletes good luck as they are all inspiring and amazing!

From Cranbrook

Rebecca Odnokon      157 lbs.     5′ 2″        20 yrs.

Becca likes to eat food, take naps and lift heavy things!

From Cranbrook