June 18, 2022 | 11:45 am


Strongman 2022

The Central Fairgrounds are located between Western Financial Place and the Viking Skate park. The address is 17 Ave S between 2 St N and 1 St S.

History of the Strongman Classic

As with many things, what began as a small idea has grown into a big deal.

Fitness Inc.’s Strongman Classic, held annually during Sam Steele Days every June, started in 2004 with a fleeting idea and a lot of heart… then in 2005 came the help of two strong men.

Grant McReynolds and Cory Gillespie were competitors in other Strongman events across the country and internationally. They responded to the need for official judges for Cranbrook’s event and in doing so, shared their knowledge.

Today, the Strongman Classic is a cornerstone of Sam Steele Days, with competitors and spectators alike enjoying the day while taking part in an exciting show. The Strongman Classic is also a fundraiser, always in support of Cranbrook’s chapter of the BCSPCA; major sponsors like Trickle Creek Golf Resort, Mountain Spirit Resort, St. Eugene, Bridge Interiors, Lawn Barbers and Canyon Raft Company are huge contributors to the event, donating the raffle prizes. Between the support of these local businesses and the community, Fitness Inc. has been overjoyed to donate more than $32,000 to the BCSPCA in the last nine years.

Fitness Inc. extends gratitude and thanks to all the people involved in the event, from the sponsors to the competitors, from the volunteers to the spectators. Such an endeavor is only possible through the support and hard work of those committed to putting on and improving the Strongman Classic!

2022 Events


1) Truck Pull: 100-foot Harness. Logging Trucks – 42,000 KG. 90 second time limit.

2) Conan’s Wheel: 350 pounds. No time limit.

3) Fingal’s Fingers: 200 & 250-pound Fingal’s Fingers followed by 180-pound Axle Press for max reps in the remaining time. 90 second time limit.

4)  Atlas Stones: 240, 260, 300, 335, 365 & 400. Fastest time wins. 90 seconds.

5) Medley: 500-pound tire flip for 50-feet followed by 200-pound Farmer’s Walk for 100 feet. Tire flip starts at the 100-foot mark and is flipped to the 50-foot mark, centre of the course. Then the farmer’s walk is 100 feet, centre to 100-foot marks then back to centre. Two-minute time limit.


1) Truck Pull: 100-foot Harness. Concrete Truck – 21,000 KG. 90 second time limit.

2) SUV Deadlift. SUV’s will be Ford Bronco Sports. Approximate weight is 400 – 500-pounds: 60 second time limit.

3) Pressing Medley: 90-pound Axle Press for 3 reps followed by 100-pound Keg Press for max reps. 90 second time limit.

4) Atlas Stones: 115, 175, 200 & 240. 90 second time limit.

5) Medley: 175 Husafel Carry for 50 feet followed by Power stairs with 150, 200 and 250-pound implements. Two-minute time limit.


  1. LADIES Truck Pull.
  2. MENS Truck Pull.
  3. LADIES SUV Deadlift
  4. MENS Conan’s Wheel
  5. LADIES Pressing Medley
  6. MENS Fingal’s Fingers & Axle Press
  7. LADIES Atlas Stones
  8. MENS Atlas Stones
  9. LADIES Medley
  10. MENS Medley